brace yourself
a race by ben and for ben, the messenger | back

shoot...i'm sorry i missed this....sounds like lots of fun. thanks to whitney for the update....
results: 1st: john, the messenger. 2nd: gordo. 3rd: whit
from whit
: Too bad you missed it. It was a pretty fun race.

At each checkpoint, there was a piece of paper telling of Ben's night of the wreck, the location of the next checkpoint, and a piece of colored electrical tape which you had to keep until the end.

We started at Red's Scoot Inn - Lemans style start.  

Checkpoints (in order) were Casino el Camino, Trophies (on S. Congress), G+S lounge (at Oltorf and S. 1st), Barton Springs and Boulin, Brackenridge Hospital (15th and Red River), Little City (on Congress), and then back to Red's Scoot Inn.

Good times.  First three finishers (w/ all the pieces of tape) were John (the messenger/painter), Gordo, and then me.  

Lots of folks out too - maybe like 8 messengers from Dallas showed up. I didn't stick around too long for the afterparty, but they had a band or two.

I really dig the graphic you did for the race - would have made an excellent spoke card.**

**thanks whitney. :-) also as a side note. whitney is a full-time framebuilder. he's got pictures of the frames he's built on his site - be sure to pay him a visit.