coffee shop dash alleymath

results are's the race recap...

the race had a long and short circuit and all checkpoints were coffee shops. at each one, you found a clue on a piece of paper usually attached to a utility pole nearby and where to go for the next checkpoint, dependent on which circuit you chose to begin with.

after killing a mini bottle of glenfiddich scotch and a popcicle from whit (proper hydration is key), i think we were prepared. i was on the long course, so at GO! the checkpoints ended up like this:

  • Bouldin Cafe at s. first
  • Jo's at s. congress
  • Azuls at e. cesar chavez
  • cafe mundi at e. 5th
  • clementine's at manor and like chicon-ish
  • JP java's at 26th & duval
  • flightpath at duval & 51st
  • spiderhouse finish

It was a good fast route. i know that police car that passed me around 12th and chicon thought i was on a stolen bike or maybe recently employed drug runner or just wacked out chick riding like a maniac in a big hurry.

got to spider house and then u had to decipher the letters u had collected at each checkpoint. AUGH. what's up with these thinking games. so...and correct me if i'm wrong here Whit, justin got there first but nick decoded the word problem first, so i think he won. chistopher is sending official results soon.

good times and glad to see everyone out. we missed you guys that couldn't make it. next up: Clowndog anniversary party and race April 1. i heard a rumor of the course idea, non specific, and if it comes off that way: i can't wait.

hydration is essential

waiting for instructions

old tandem