JUNE CRIT - Eastside Pedal Pushers

i was out of town for this one. but, donnie & kim got some great photos and lee wrote a little something up. sounds like it was alot of fun. photo props to kim and donnie.

next crit is planned for Clowndog Bikes. June 26. ~8. see u there.


it was kinda short, which turned out to be a good thing.
twelve block lap, five laps....cops showed up on the
final lap, but left when they realized it was all
done. they lurked in the shadows around the shop for
a while, but the party was pretty tame once the racin'
was done, so i guess they got bored and couldn't think
of anything to write us tickets for.

the actual race went east on 6th, right onto comal,
down to 4th and right, west to waller and right, north
to 5th and left, then right onto san marcos, up the
steep hill, and right onto 6th again. fun course, but
kinda sketchy. there was a huge party going on on
comal at the park by the railroad tracks.....cars up
and down both sides of the street, and ped's appearing
from nowhere.....lots of locking it up to avoid
obstacles on those two blocks. also had a couple
sketchy moments on 4th where the pack would just
envelop a car that was stopped, or moving slowly, and
pass it on both sides......i'm sure the drivers were
quite confused.

i'm not sure how many people raced......probably 20,
maybe more. the results got kinda fuzzy when the cops
showed up, but the rundown i got was like this. 1.
chachi 2. seth 3. whitney 4. ryan 5. lee 6.donnie
couldn't really figure out the standings further back
than that. even that list was the product of racers
rememberences of who was riding with them, and
spectators who were actually paying attention.