MOONLITE TOWER alleycat race. APRIL 16. 2006

that race was over in a snap. i loved it. fast and furious. with some climbing thrown in to make you want to hurl. it was a big turnout...all of us on the ped bridge. sweating on the hottest recorded day in april. the instructions were to head to austin music hall and grab a egg. it will tell you where to go next. and that was the race format. grab a egg at each checkpoint. the volunteers were great and handing them out as fast as they could. thanks to those guys hanging out on the corners. it was also fun because it was fairly easy to hang with folks. we were all traveling in the same direction, so you kinda rode in packs or veered off to make your own way. i like it when u see everyone else out there suffering and pedaling as fast as they can.

the route was (and thanks to nick for remembering and sending this):

1. austin music hall
2. 15th and san antonio
3. 12th and rio grande,
4. 9th and guad
5. 12th and blanco (hurl and proceed back down)
6. 11th and trinity
7. trinity and cesar chavez

the front pack got to trinity and cesar chavez before sean, the presenter, could get there. more of us trickled in and waited. sean rode up and goes: 'wow. ya. so this is the finish. i can't believe you all got here so fast.'
snap. it was definately fast. but a good route. some nice riding.

whitney's advice is to stay out of the poison ivy and tire piercing weeds by the railroad tracks heading to the music hall. good advice. nicks advice is to avoid speeding taxi cabs. my advice is to remain calm when making a split second decision between the grill of a big ass delivery truck that just pulled over into the bike lane or a smaller oncoming car. we had to split the difference and squeeze between the 2, gingerly.


1ST: Patrick - moonlite tower trophy
2ND: Ray - box of girlscout cookies
3RD: Gordo - stuffed easter bunny


map of the route and elevation too. the straight up and down pointy one is 12th & blanco.
the hurl point.


the gang