clowndog triple threat alleycat race. april 1, 2006

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almost like tv

clown dog bikes was celebrating their 6th anniversary, so ron and gerald threw together a very sweet race in honor of it. i swung by kinkos to pick up the spoke cards i dropped for print earlier. i forgot they laminated them in a huge ass roll. so i was frantically cutting spoke cards out in order to get over to the race in time. scissors are fun.

we all met at the ped bridge. some more tired than others. dustin and nick were there after a morning ride out to hamilton pool and back. spent legs. ron said the first checkpoint was the mopad ped bridge. from there, each checkpoint will tell you where to go next. he said 2 of the checkpoints were bouldin creek cafe and eastside peddler - then we were off!

some of us hit the hike & bike trail and rode it through the dark, nobody stopped or saw anything so we kept riding toward bouldin creek cafe. at bouldin creek, ron was in the back with a set of tires on the ground that we had to run through. i fell twice. i hadn't had that much to drink either. i was never in football and you have to really pick up your knees.

then off to eastside peddler. we hit congress as the classic car parade was going on. there were people lined up in chairs along congress and we made our way in and out of cars and hoped no peds jumped out from the sidelines. that was fun. after the peddler, it was ACC at 12th & rio grande. sprinted down 6th street and over - got it and then up stokes parking garage at 12th & guadalupe. there was carnage here. christopher had gone down and bent his chainring and one of the guys we were with went down also. i think that garage is notorious for taking people out riding down.

this was the last checkpoint, now to make it back to clowndog. i had been riding with tyler and randall the whole race. that was fun....but randall went down at the garage, so me and tyler sprinted down lavaca, through campus and over to clowndog. the party was going and the keg was already tapped. ha. but more was on the way.

we hung out, and finally the crit started up. we raced the block down to dean keaton, right on it and then a right on speedway and back around to clowndog. 7 times. the bmx'ers did 5. it was fast and my legs were burnt. i dunno why, but pushing burning legs sometimes feels good. a good pain.

thanks to ron and clown dog and company for putting on a great race and fun party. pics are above and also here.

ben has pics here.


1ST: Gordon
2ND: Russ
3RD: Jesse Duncan
4TH: Brit Anderson
5TH: Tyler
6TH: Megan
7TH: Randall
8TH: Ryan
9TH: Kelly
10TH: Ananth

1st: Gordon
2nd: Brit
3rd: Russ

RAFFLE WINNER (Brooks Saddle)


triple threat april 1 alleycat race spoke cards