VDAY MASSACRE checkpoint race

VDAY alleycat RACE (aka 'i gotta chub for nic' race)

gobble1-10 results:

1 Patrick
2 Tyler
3 Josh
4 Metro
5 Carlos
6 Timothy Ford Keating
7 Sloan
8 Whitney
9 Chris Green
10 Lorene & Matt (Tandem)

so, nic handed out 43 spokecards. and that wasn't even enough. sweet turnout. after some brief instructions, we leaned our bikes against the railing on the ped bridge and went down the steps. on GO - we had to run back up the steps, grab bikes and head to the backside of austin music hall. there nic was handing out the manifest - and then off we really went.

i fall in with a bunch of riders heading down rio grande to ACC. there we run around looking for for the clue. and chris ends up calling nic to confirm there is a clue there. ha. anyway - got that, then head to the tennis courts on the street west of red river. after more running around - seth rides up and joins in, we find it on the backside. so now me and seth ride to hit red river to find the one by serranos (sorry for waking the homeless man up), and finally the one off 6th street down in the pee canal below 6th. seth let me go down and find that one. fetching...

we ride back to the ritz and settle in for some beers. nic says that patrick won by handing in a perperoni slice...he and tyler were tied coming in - and the rule was you had to bring in a dead body if it was a tie. clever.

the riding wasn't hard. finding the clues was the challenge. it was good and fun to be on bikes riding around like crazy. nice to see lots of folks i hadn't seen in a while.

if anyone has pictures, lemme know - i'll hook up to them. i forgot to pull the camera out. ditzy this time around.

nic threw the gauntlet down in terms of spoke cards. handcrafted toe card - a beauty. many thanks to nic for putting this on.

vday massacre spokecard