this was my first moonlite cruze. what's my excuse? i dunno. never had the right thing to wear maybe? but tonite, i had a brand new $8 goodwill outfit - time to go riding.

i met up with some friends for beers and my chain kept dropping at every corner. this would not do for the next 4 hrs of riding. i was going to breakneck speed it home and get the orange one. but, shaun was able to borrow a tool from the bar and fix it. pink surly 1x1 is now ready - cool.

i dunno how many people there were. we hit the ped bridge and it was packed. afterwards, i heard anywhere from 200-500 people. it was lots. we took off and the ride was on. check the fotos and movie for everything that happened from here on out.

all i can say: it was tons of fun. there was drinking. there was every kind of bike u can think of. lots of pimptastic threads. and just rolling with that many people is usually a good time. we took over the road. in the movie when we're riding through town, someone yells out in a high pitched voice: YOU GUYS ARE FREAKS! that guy was funny.

so vaguely, we rode from the ped bridge, to deep eddy area to exposition finally getting to HEB at burnet & 2222 (or whatever that road is called at that point). regroup, then down burnet to guadalupe all the way to 12th. up the parking garage there and pow: bike nation at 4:30am. kris and brent and tim hit up kens before the parking garage and shared the loot. damn. delicious donut.

can't wait till next year. hopefully whitney will wake up and join us. ;-)