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We met up with jesse, alexis, angela and julie for bunch at el Chile on Manor. Some were brave and drank the spiced beer, while I stuck with the tired and true: margaritas.

After a couple of the cold libations, we rode over in our small bike gang to cafe mundi. We arrived at the Island of Misfit Toys. I felt at home. Me and anglea immediately jumped on the big bike rotator thing. She pedaled and I swung. And almost barfed after the drinks & brunch.

But that didn't stop us. We got on the bike merry-go-round for gravitational delights.

We hooked up with Nick and headed to the street to demo the satan-welded bikes. There were double bikes, tall bikes, chopper bikes, scooter bikes, steering wheel bikes, trailer bikes, and even a furry bike.

Everyone was having a good time. There was alot of tolerance and cooperation. Like when the guy in the blond wig kept telling folks they had to get off the street if they had a beer in their hand.

It was sweet because the crowd was pretty diverse. Old to the young, punks from the day, freaks, normals and a grandmother and her granddaughter that looked like they just happened to wander by and were having fun. The best part: lots of bikes.

We even got a chance to catch up with some old friends from back in day when nobody was concerned with being an adult. In fact, I think we all looked at each other and said: Hay, you're still alive. Cool.

They started the show around 5:30pm, there was a bike mosh pit you could ride in, bike jousting on tall bikes, bikes that spewed fire, kill the pinata while riding a bike (you should have seen the kids and their maniac grins), space launch to mars bike, more mosh pit biking and complete and utter cyclecide corruption. And God said: This is good. Well, I doubt it - but it's always good for publicity to get a quote from God.

If the band of pedal punks are coming your way, it's not something to sit out. Enjoy...

"The Bike Rodeo is a touring, punk rock bicycle amusement park and showcase of modified bicycles, such as the tall bike (two bicycle frames welded together), the bicycle chopper, the fire breathing Chupacabra, the bottle rocket armed Homeland Security bike and many more..."Too dumb to die!" is the motto of these heavy pedal maniacs."
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