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Thursday, July 28, 2005

polvos. emos. and deer parts

i have no camera. i lost my. ok wait. i kinda left my battery charger in san diago. they say they can't find it. UGH. i headed out to GB wednesday for 3hr ride. sweet. 2 snakes and 1 bottom part of a deer leg later i was out and home and wasted. riding in the heat of the day has it's drawbacks. in addition to missing a ride with some dear friends that i had every intention of making - however the threat of bad weather and a long weekend of doing nothing but sitting around w/ the folks (which is ok) made me jet out and ride in the heat of the day.

sweat is golden.

thursday eve i hooked up with the girlfriends at polvos. a place that SHOULD NOT BE MISSED if you are in austin. i got some pictures, but i gotta figure out how to get them off my camera phone. many margaritas later i headed out on bike to emos. just to check to see if i saw lee and gang. and indeed i did. the punk/country band was sold out so we went over and drank some beers with seth, chachi, allison and rob.

so apparently at some point in this trip of life of mine, someone took or my front fork bolt mysteriously became loose and fell off. i wondered why my ride was feeling so hm. LOUD. dang.

i wish elizabeth every lucky thing in the world. take care my friends. i'll be in a rental car at 7am friday morning bolting to the metropolis of greenville to visit with mom and pop.

rubber johnny

rubber johnny short movie and booklet are out on DVD. dieter said he spotted it at waterloo, but i haven't confirmed that. he's prone to over-excitement on the weird and creepy. it's a short film by Chris Cunningham - he's done videos with Bjork & Aphex Twins. here's the writeup:

Rubber Johnny documents a 16-year-old, inbred mutant's solitary existence, locked in a pitch-black basement by his ashamed parents. They are TV addict rednecks who occasionally feed Johnny and yell at him for making noise. Johnny's only company in the basement is his little dog. His dog's I.Q. far outstrips Johnny's, who is a completely insane, bi-polar imbecile.
it even made snopes as a urban legend. ha. so be sure to FW:FW:FW:FW:OHMYGOD. SEND THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS! it around. ha. + here's the little movie. u might wet your pants and cry out for your mommy. + pixelsurgeon review

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

bike route 31

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here's five. i love this sticker. it's at the traintracks behind gallery lombardi. hey, they have a call for entries for their erotic art show in sept. start drawing dirty. i mean erotically. :-)

i rode bike route 31 from the university yesterday after work. it's a good route that i'm on alot. ususally heading to zilker area or most times heading out to gateway theatres to catch a movie. but this time, i was just out to ride and sweat. i hit 290 and rode the access road down to congress then congress all the way back into town. was nice and super sweaty.

here's some links to help out with routes -

austin bicycle map

austin bike routes

survelliencebrian & lee & rita & more are putting on the mutha of alleycat stage race. go ride your bike and come out in august for the fun. contact brian at to get on the email list and for more info.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

pow - i wanna be a cowgirl

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i got this new western shirt and now i feel like a real cowgirl. bang. bang. giddy up.

i mainlined the greenbelt yesterday afternoon. it was good. last time i was out there i saw a fox. no lie. he was red and cute. i did have my camera, course im not agile enough to get it out in time and snap something decent. he climbed back up off the trail. was the size of a medium dog i guess. and no, it wasn't a dog. it was really a fox.

i almost got doored on the way home. i'm bout 2 blocks from the house. galloping in (western theme here) and this guy opens his door on me. i'm able to swerve and get around. and he's like: "OH...SHIT...i'm so sorry." i wave behind me saying in lazy girl sign language: its ok. i'm almost home and tired and just getting on with it. then he goes. "hay, why didn't u say something!" huh? so he goes from feeling bad and apologetic to hay, why didn't you yell at me.

kinda made me laugh.

Monday, July 25, 2005

when your wheel hates u and is untrue

backward gloves
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saturday went well with a 3hr ride up 360 and 2244 therebouts. sunday I had the same intentions - but out east on one of my favorite routes: the sprinkle route. there's a 29mile or 40mile loop and on sundays especially, there's hardly any cars due to church and repenting christians and whatnot. it's wide open farms and very peaceful. however, you should be on the lookout for bike-hating dogs. I've had a few run after me, but never to the point of going for my jugular. their just playing around I suppose. a good squirt of water usually puts a end to their playful fear-inducing ways.

this ride started out great. um, other than I brought the same glove, so I had to wear one backwards. thing is: i've done this before. even a monkey could learn not to do that again. hohum. I hadn't been on this route in a long time and although I was starting later and was going to be hitting the heat for sure, I'm used to my retardedness of doing that sort of thing - no biggie. lots of little rollers, some new nicely paved road, hawks flying around, crickets doing their singing thing. everything is sweet. 40miles in the saddle is looking just swell. and POP. and wobble. on a descent. I pull over and see a spoke broke and my wheel barely turns now even with the brake off and my expert mechanical adjustments (the last part is a joke). DANG. 30min into what was shaping up to be a perfect little ride. I swung around and hobbled back out.

spoke art

here's the route map - hope you can get out and ride it. sprinkle route PDF.

later we rode up to gateway to see rob zombie's devil's rejects. it was good - some people got up and left. ha. it is what it is. there are no redeeming qualities in this movie. it's like rummaging through a heap of old stuff u found in a burned down house, and coming across a weird looking video tape of murderous exploitation and freaks.

watched the tour and called it a night. the krazy kazakhstan vino is so fun to watch race.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

brazilian martial arts

we headed out to a movie premiere of our long time friend, andrew lankes. he made a film called the klempetti exercise video and showed it at the hideaway coffee house. they have a nice setup in the back. in fact, it's where we saw red light go alleycat race documentary a couple years ago. did that ever come out on DVD?

anyway: we were happy for andrew and his movie. then rode over to whole foods for some din din on the patio upstairs. when we were leaving, there was this music of drums, chanting and some kind of stringed instrument on the sidewalk in front of whole foods. they were a brazilian martial arts group. i've never seen that before and it was cool under the street lights. i got some vid too i'll get up. it's like a cross between dance and fight. so we hung around and watched that. then headed home....sweaty and stinky. not a bad night at all.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

i suck

hi. i've just been made aware by my friend rob that my middle content is sliding all the way down after the left-hand nav stuff. uh. so that sucks. i tinkered with the CSS template the other nite and obviously screwed it up on the windows side (john why didn't you tell me!). on the mac side it looks beautiful. so you guys: winblows! git a mac. problem solved. also i realize my favicon sucks too. updated edit: ok i kinda fixed it with a freakish creepy looking panda/bear thing. i'll be fixing these things very soon. your sucky friend. m.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


it's 77 degrees at this moment in time. 10:51pm. nice. i got a road ride in last nite - saw lots of good clouds. thanks emily i guess. went and rode mt. bonnell loop at lunch. so in 2 days. bout 3 1/2 hrs of riding. im down with that. good to be back on the road bike. can't believe the rain here in austin - it's cooled things off some. however, while its cool - its 10times muggy. i sweated a bucket out there. no matter. we came from the sea. so did flygirl. flygirl to the rescue. flygirl

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

bored jedi elvis

bored jedi elvis
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i'm back from the land of cartoon violence and nerd prom. i've never been to comic con before. there were over 100,000 people there. and it wasn't just all about comic books and klingons. i met several sweet artists and danced with the underbelly of pop culture. good times.

saturday i sat in on a panel of rob zombie and his cast from devils rejects. it comes out july 22. they showed the first scene - bout 15min of the movie. will be good. Tiny, aka Matthew McGrory, was there. He is the Guinness Book Record Holder of the largest shoe size: 29 1/2. he stands: 7ft 6 inches. He also drums and was the human sasquatch in Bubble Boy.

we scooted over to the ralph bakshi session. he is the annimator behind fritz the cat, heavy traffic, and the newly remasterd fire and ice. he was very inspriational. he does what he does and isn't interested in being famous or such shit. he obviously has a passion for his work and is very excited about a new project he is working on - which actually puts him on a computer. he normally is old school and encourages every artist to use the pencil and paper.

then we got in line for the tenacious D show. we were there early and caught the tail end of jamie fox and that stealth movie cast and director. yawn. then the king kong cast came out: jack black, adrian brody, naomi watts. was hilarious. noone seemed interested in talking to anyone up there but jack black. and all questions were about the D and when their movie was coming out. black also said he is working on a idea with napolean dynomite director for something. hmm. cool. brody even got up at one point and acted like he was pissed off and walking off the stage. jack black said: "that's some good acting. i thought he was serious".

then they suited up for tenacious D. and they did rock. for bout 45min. it was raunchy and wonderful. we saw them in austin at the austin music hall a few years ago. the intensity remains. obviously, they too enjoy what they do. the gestapos at the conference hall threatened us with ejection if we recorded or took any pictures during the performance. the first thing kyle said when he took the stage was: "take all the pictures u want. record this and put it on the internet. don't listen to them." ha. but i was still spooked and didn't want to miss the show cuz i got thrown out. here's jack black on the king kong panel.

king kong crew

sweet sticker art in san diego

little fat guy

the rest of comic con fotos

Saturday, July 16, 2005

comic con san diego mayhem

so here's a short little video i put together on the exhibit floor. hope you enjoy. it's packed. 100,000 people here. and all in my video!

so yesterday was all about hooking up with some great artist and buying their t-s and posters and comics. here's a brief uncomplete rundown.

i love bunnywith by Alex Pardee. he was kind enough to draw in my sketchbook.
bunnywith artist. alex pardee

tara mcpherson does lovely drawings. delicate and hard at the same time.

how can you not love happy tree friends. they were signing and drawing on posters. yah.

one for dieter. doug tennapel of earthworm jim fame.
doug tennabel

bumper boy

more fotos here

i'm glad to hear austin is getting some rain. hope everyone is enjoying the relief. it's tenacious D and rob zombie tonite. will post up with some debauchery for sure. (hope i spelled that right) take care friends.

Friday, July 15, 2005

philip k. dick head

and just like that: we are in san diego, CA at the comic con convention. we are here because several of the annimators, including greg, from 'a scanner darkly' movie production are here. they had a panel discussion that included the philip k. dick robot seen here and they showed a trailer from the movie. the movie will be released in spring 2006. they did a great job and the crowd seemed really excited by the trailer. and this is a philip k. dick crowd for sure.

the robot kinda acted up. we heard they had a hard time flying him here, as they really thought he was a bomb of some type and there were all kinds of delays. can you imagine getting onto a airplane and seeing this human looking robot sitting there. staring into space. the deal is: he is programmed to be and think just as philip k. dick did. so you can ask him questions and he will respond. well, he went off on a 15min rant on the panel and it was awesome. ha.

this is a serious people watching event. all kinds of folks are here. super nerd to super normal. many are dressed up in star wars stuff, and evil dead zombish people walking around. and lots of fetish stuff going on too. tons of japanese comics and martial art movie stuff, uh....lesse. bruce campbell from evil dead did a panel. hell. there's too much. the exhibit hall is like toyland for freaks. tons of toys, cartoons, figures, art, drawings, tshirts, comics - and more.

oh. and i'm hardly sweating here at all. in fact, had to duck into the very nice local skate shop: street machine and get a beanie. i think i could get used to this weather.

take care friends. thanks so much for your kind words about raymond. it's ok. i'm much better now - and you have helped tremendously. that day was just difficult. it makes me feel warm in my heart that he is resting in peace now and we are toasting him at every beer we have. and i have plans to toss back many more in the coming days. here's to raymond! my gentle soul old man.

comic con fotos here. whee

here's the scanner panel.

scanner panel

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

goodbye raymond.

we had to let raymond go today. he has been sick for quite some time now and the past 2 days hasn't been able to stand up on his own. it was more difficult than i thought it would be. i was surprised, because me and greg have been planning for this day. we knew it was coming.

me and raymond took the final walk to the car and drove over to the vet's office. the man had to carry him in from the car. i walked to the back room and the doctor was there and asked if i had any questions. i had talked to the assistant when i called to make the appt. so, she had already gone over how this worked. he said there is no pain, they just go to sleep. seeing him there on the table with the doctor all in white broke me up. it was awkward and i didn't know what to do. the dr. said i did not need to be in there if i didn't want to. i went over and kissed raymond's head and turned away and left. i felt so sad. so very sad for him.

these last few months have been really hard on him. the dr. and the staff were all very nice and supportive. i am just not very good at being emotional like that in public. so, i left and returned to my empty car. and drove away. i pulled over and called greg and had a good cry. both of our hearts just felt heavy. but raymond is now resting. rest in peace raymond. you were so loved by all of us.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

peddler alleycat fotos & movie

another fun sunday eve on the bikes. g came out and he got some pics and video. i ended up racing. mel and julie came out too - was happy to see them. there was a real good crowd. i could hear mel screaming for me to go everytime i came around. this helped, mel - i thank you for being cheerleader. this way, there was no way i could drop out. ha. hopefully they will join the ranks and race too. lesse - some fast racing out there. props to the leaders before the cops busted it up. i hope folks will support Aubrey and his bike shop. fotos & little movie peddler crit here's whitney and his legendary skid.

Monday, July 11, 2005

leaky gas

so why did i stay up till 1am watching the tour coverage i taped earlier while i was out at the alleycat? cuz uh nuthing really happened. other than, my poor hero dave zabriskie having to pull the plug on the race. dang. heartwrenching. saw the guy crash in the feed zone and break his collarbone. UGH. that has to completely suck. oh. wait .. now i remember to hear Phil Leggit say: leaky gas. the alleycat and grand opening of the Peddler Bike Shop was fun times. pics to follow.

Friday, July 08, 2005

and we have a weekend

hurrah. enjoy. happy molee

is it true - was that rain?

lonely tables
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so we got a doozy of a storm last nite and i got to be smack dab out in the middle of it. awesome.

at 5pm from my office window - i see, what...a CLOUD? damn. nice. i better hit the road.

office storm

so i hit the trail and mainline it to the HOL. get to the dam and decide not to climb out. it's getting dark and stormy.

dam storm

i hightail it back out looking for my friends i was supposed to hook with on the trail...well. never found em - so just headed to our designated drinking place: shady grove. by the time i got there it was coming down hard. i had to ride out of the greenbelt with freakish lightening just wondering. does lightening strike bikers? g got stuck out in it on his commute home too. we're like on the cellfone going: uh...damn. it's raining.

stage rain

we hang out and everyone is mesmerized by the rain. it brings everyone together and all are in a good mood.

my friends are funny when they drink and we have a fun time.

my silly friends

i start my ride home and hit the ped bridge. the storm is now leaving and the lightening is wonderful.

lighting up the sky

this has been a good nite! the ride, the storm, the drinks with friends - and now the ride home. i see the lovely sunset from the bridge. it's almost too much. one side is a lightening storm in the clouds. i look to the other side, and it's this sunset. this is a good thing. riding home with a buzz feeling happy in the storm. i'm soaked and dirty. i got to hang with the girls for a bit. yap. i hope everyone got to enjoy the storm in some way. whether out playing or inside with people you love or maybe just staring off into space.

the storm from the bridge

Thursday, July 07, 2005

the peddler shop and alleycat crit race

the peddler shop
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lee is putting on the alleycat crit race ringmaster hat, along with AJ, the peddler bike shop owner for a grand opening of AJ's new shop on north loop. 2 blocks from mi casa - and i am happy happy about it. it's a very nice addition to the hood - and lots of folks are happy to welcome him in. tucked right in with monkeywrench radical bookstore, forbidden fruit, The Parlour (pizza/beer), Ararat Middle East Restaurant and a little musical instrument store and more. it's a great area.

looks like lee has some fun stuff planned for the crit race. i haven't heard what the course will be like yet. he was wanting to add some alley. the band madamimadam is playing. fun starts at 7pm. race usually goes off around 9ish. will be a good time - hope all can come out. hell, sounds like even brian is gonna make it this time. ;-)
sunday: july 10 - 7pm. race around 9 the peddler bike shop 119 E. North Loop
peddler door

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

skirt ride

at 9am today it was 90degrees. skirt riding is fun. makes me feel like i'm in the netherlands or something. my heart sank for david z. during tour coverage last nite. the fall looked brutal - and almost to the end and with his team doing so well. i liked his quote the other day, "I'm just Dave Zabriskie." i imagine he is a little sore today. hope he is ok - he's riding so well.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

new work area, aliens and riding

new work area
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here's a pic of work in progress of the new work space at the casa. greg did alot of work on this sat. and sunday - my job was cleaning/organizing. both which i suck at. i like it. still needs to be finished out some - but we're keeping it rough. will have some japanese-like sliding doors of some sort for the bottom big shelf. and will get some tall chairs. but - likely will be doing alot of work standing up. i used to have a stand-up desk at a couple jobs in my past, and i totally dug it.

here's a good movie that i hope makes it here for a screening. STILL WE RIDE. from the website: The movie takes on issues of civil liberties, surveillance, the power of mainstream media, and the benefits of alternative means of transportation.

speaking of. i may cry if i don't get to go to this.
* BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL in my favorite place: San Francisco. Oct. 6-8. they will be showing 'still we ride' in addition to tons more and all bike all the time. so you ask, why won't you go?

well. it's the same weekend as the terrifying and surreal Juarez Chupacabras 100kms race. insert long napolean dynomite sigh here. dang. i was going to make a repeat showing at the Chupa and this time grab that evil goat and swing him off the King Kong mountain. we shall see.

got 2 excellent rides in. one was a bombing urban ss ride to the metropolitan on little texas off congress to see war of the worlds. that ride rocked. we did it in record time. was so fun. ok. put aside your disdain for all that is tom cruise for a moment. the dood can act. this movie was great and scary and spooky and suspenseful and real looking. the aliens were sweet as in awful and scary as hell. i LOVE the noise they made. i've not heard a good noise associated with something like that since King Kong or Jaws. made me shiver.

monday i missed the boat to ride w/ my friend raby. was supposed to be at zilker at 8am for lift off. well, didn't make that cutoff. so headed out and rode there later. i love all the trails out there - but, when i'm alone, i am a mainline kinda girl. no thinking about where to turn or anything - it's just all reaction. rode up Hill of LIfe and back out. saw the sara & john duo out there, so chatted a bit. had a lemonade once i got back out to the pool. then rode home. HOT. can i saw it's freakin hot here? scorched earth. but i can't complain. as i whined and moaned all winter about the 'cold and wet" we were having to deal with for so long. i welcomed any kind of drought or heat. so....sorry bout that ya'll. ha.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

happy holiday


Friday, July 01, 2005


tears in the heart
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lately, i've come across several people dealing with loved ones and friends dying. the worst being bike accidents with cars. we all know these thing happen. that is life. life is death. i find myself dealing with this lately also.

raymond. my old man is dying. he's been with me for, hell, i've lost count. 13 years now? he joined me on a walk home one day at our old house on duval and 53rd. and never left and no one claimed him. his best years were when we lived out by the river. he loved it out there and had free reign. he liked to take little walks by himself every evening and then would come back and plop down on the porch for the nite.

we ran together during my 'running' stint. but the best fun we had was hiking every weekend at a park down the road. he never had to be on a leash - always staying close by. the trail was normally quiet and vacant. we would hike for an hour, taking time to stop on the hilltop and look as far as we could see, and then walk down to the river where i would try to coax him in. he wasn't the biggest water dog.

nor was he so much of a 'dog' dog. he liked people. he really had no keen interest in other dogs. that's why it was so surprising the one weekend when we were keeping my bro-in-law's rottweiler and how fabulously they got along. when he came to take bronco home, my dog raymond began crying when bronco got in the car. and continued to cry as they drove away. it was so odd. the dog that never really showed that much emotion. yet was always happy.

he's been through alot too. he got bit in the head by a very mean dog down the street once. had to have a tube installed in the hole to drain it. shortly after i got him, he got heartworms, and had to go through treatment for that. which is not pleasant. he watched me bury my other dog, addie, one morning when she died suddenly during the night. and most recently, he had a large tumor removed.

he is the super mutt. he is my friend. he makes my heart ache. i want to help him the best i can in this transition. i want to be there for him.

mr. raymond