get your bike! 2006 race info


the FINALE SUNDAY fotos and results are posted.
Top 3: 1st - Gordo. 2nd - Benedict. 3rd - Seth.

from brian. updated 8/22/05
Brian <>

RACE Dates: sunday to sunday - August 14th - 21st.
Start Location for each race:
The old BSS. 1426 Toomey Lane
Tour de France-esque
Cost: $5 a head.
Prizes: Yes
Sponsor: R.E.Load Bags


Sunday 14TH "Mountain" Time Trial 8 PM
Monday Crit 9 PM
Tuesday Climbing (semi-long night) 9 PM
Wednesday REST
Thursday Long 9 PM
Friday Checkpoint/Messenger Style 9 PM
Saturday REST
Sunday 21ST Time Trial 8 PM
Start Location for each race: The old BSS. 1426 Toomey Lane

DETAILS FOR EACH RACE NITE (as information trickles in, it will be slapped up here)

Overall Results - updated 8/22/05


8/14 SUNDAY - Mountain TT. evil. no spectators allowed on the race course. but, they can hang at the start/finish. if they are not strong riders, they may need to drive to it.
Start: 8PM
Length: 20min
Bring: Geared Road Bike
Extras: Whitney's Birthday!
Sunday Race Photos | Riding to Mt. Bonnell video | Stage Results & notes

8/15 MONDAY - Crit.
Length: 30min
Points: 40/30/20/10
Bring: Anything fast
Extras: Rita's Birthday!
Monday Race Photos | Stage Results & notes

8/16 TUESDAY - Climbing (semi-long)
Length: 1-1.5 hrs
Points: 50/40/30/10
Bring: Geared Road Bike
Extras: Bring Hydration!
Tuesday Race Photos | Stage Results & notes

8/17 WEDNESDAY - Rest

8/18 THURSDAY - Long
Length: 2 hrs
Points: 50/40/30/20
Bring: Geared Road Bike
Extras: Bring Hydration!
Thursday Race Photos | Stage Results & notes

8/19 FRIDAY - Checkpoint/Messanger-style. You will need a bag for this race. You will be carrying things around.
Start: 9PM
Length: 1 hr
Points: 30/20/15/10
Bring: Track
Extras: Will likely end at the Side Bar. FULL MOON!
Friday Race Photos | Stage Results & notes

8/20 SATURDAY - Rest

8/21 SUNDAY - Time Trial (Flat)/Party/Awards
Length: 30min
Points: 60/45/30/15
Bring: Anything Fast
The END: Sunday Race Photos | jacob's RIDICULOUSLY GREAT fotos - go look right now! | Categories:Stage Results & notes

trading card


So here's the deal - this race will be a group effort with each nights "stage" being plotted by a different lunatic. The overall intention is to level the playing field and give everyone a crack at winning. It is definitely feasible for the turtle to win this race with some tactical riding and longevity.


1) The Competitive group, aka "the fast group". If you're coming to RACE, this is the group for you. Any age, gender, height, weight, whatever person can be in this group but understand that you will be riding with some serious folks.

2) The Womens group. This is definitely not meant to be any kind of discrimination or anything, just wanted to have a fun group for the ladies to duke it out in. As the description for #1 states, any grrls are welcome to hang with the tuff guys if they like.

3) The Non-competitive group. If you're coming to this race to have fun and hang out with a bunch of damned nutters, but you don't think you can hang with that freakishly fast Whitney, this is your spot.

The rules for the categories:
-> Once you pick a group, you're there for the duration. There will be no crossover as the hassle of tracking is more than I want to deal with.
-> No ringers allowed! In other words, if you are fast (and you know who you are), you will not be allowed in the slow group just so you can kick everyones ass.
-> Men wearing womens clothing will not be allowed to enter the Grrl group. Sorry Kris.

- There will be trophies for top 3 finishers of all 3 groups.

- There will be prizes for the top 3 finishers of the Fast group ONLY. Read that again.


Bring your friends and cheerleading squad if you like, but for the most part - they will be hanging out at the start/finish areas. There will be ice water for the drinking and LOTS of Clif bars/electrolytes (thanks Liv!).


You'll notice there is a fairly large points variation based on the day. The reason for this is partially because I want to tempt as many people to come to the harder stages as possible and partially because I like to make things difficult for myself.

With this said - I won't be changing this system for anyone or anything. I know one of the questions will be "If I get first place and, of course, I finish, do I also get the points for finishing?". The answer is "no". You either place or you finish. Also, you will not receive any points if you don't finish. Pretty obvious. If you don't plan ahead for flats, etc., that's not my problem. Come prepared!


SORRY: no yellow, red/white, and green cycling caps allowed. The reason is that those will be the "yellow jersey", "climber jersey", and "sprinter jersey" and I want those people to get the props they deserve.


Here are some of the questions I've gotten in the last few days:

q: Do I have to be there on the first day?
a: No. Start whenever you like and take breaks any night you need to.

q: Do I have to be there the last night to get my prize/trophy?
a: Well, it would be nice to have a "ceremony" with the winners present but if you wanna be a lame-o and not show up for the party well, I guess just be a lame-o and we'll see what happens to your prize.

q: Is it 5 bucks a day?
a: No. The first day you race, you pay. You will receive some proof of this (probably a wristband of some sort). You will wear that until the last day. Show up when you like but the more days you show, the better chance that you'll win.

q: Is the money "winner takes all"?
a: No. The money is to cover the cost of prizes, trophies, and other such things. If it ends up being dramatically more than I spend on those things, we will decide then if we'll need it for more beer for the party or if it should go to the winners.

q: Can I win?
a: Depends on if you can hang, I suppose. If you're the only person that starts and finishes all 5/6 nights and everyone else shows up 1 night, you're pretty much guaranteed the win. Aside from that happening, you're just gonna have to try real hard.

q: Do I have to ride the same bike every night?
a: No. In the case of the track stars, I really, REALLY recommend coming up with some gears for some of the stages. I will tell everyone in advance what to expect every night as the event draws nearer.


email if you want on the email list for this race.