photos and results and info from last years race

riding bikes is fun - checking the race loop map

from brian. updated 8/3/06
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RACE Dates: sunday to sunday - August 6th - 13th.
Start Location for each race:
Cost: $6 per night or $10 for all nights
Prizes: Top 3 finishers in Fast and Grrl class.  
>>> $30 Bar tab @ Side Bar for stage winner on Tuesday <<<


Day/ Date
Start Time
Approx. Race Duration
Recommended Bike
Points (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Finish)
Sunday 6th Individual Time Trial - Mountain 8 PM 5-10min
total time ~2hrs
Geared Road Bike 100/75/50/20 An extra set of knees to get home with
Monday 7th Crit 9 PM 10-20min
total time 1.5hrs
Anything fast 40/30/20/10  
Tuesday 8th Checkpoint/Messenger
$30 Bar tab @ Side Bar for stage winner on Tuesday!!
9 PM 30-45min
its a party
Track 30/20/15/10 Bag, lock, pen Elizabeth's B Day!
Wednesday 9th REST DAY - FULL MOON
Thursday 10th Drag Racing 9 PM 1min if u lose, lot more if you're fast
total time ~2hrs
Something quick and dirty 30/20/15/10  
Friday 11th Long 9 PM 1-2hrs
total time 2.5hrs
Geared road bike 50/40/30/20 Bring Hydration!
Sunday 13th Individual Time Trial - Flat 8 PM 20min
its a party
Anything fast 60/45/30/15 Party at the finish
Start Location for each race: LAMAR PED BRIDGE

DETAILS FOR EACH RACE NITE (as information trickles in, it will be slapped up here)

**** 2006 fotos **** note - apologies. i wasn't able to make the races till friday. that's why i'm lacking in fotos this year. and more photos - from the drag race..

8/6 SUNDAY - Mountain TT.
Start: 8PM
Length:5-10 minutes
Sunday Overall: 2 hours, depending on turnout
Points: 100/75/50/20
Bring: Geared Road Bike
Extras: An extra set of knees to get home with
Stage Results: Non-Competitive | Competitive | notes from brian: what you need to know

8/7 MONDAY - Crit
Length: 10-20 minutes
Monday Overall: 1.5 hours
Points: 40/30/20/10
Bring: Anything fast
Stage Results: Non-Competitive | Competitive | Grrls | notes from brian: what you need to know

8/8 TUESDAY - Checkpoint/Messenger
Length: 30-45 minutes
Tuesday Overall: It's a party, take your coat off and stay awhile!
Points: 30/20/15/10
Bring: Track, bag, lock, pen
Extras: Elizabeth's B Day! Will end at Side Bar for party. there is a $30 bar tab at the Side Bar for
the stage winner of the fast class. You don't have to use it tonight.

Stage Results: All categories

8/9 WEDNESDAY - Rest
Notes from Brian

8/10 THURSDAY - Drag Racing
Length: 1 minute if you lose, a lot more if you're fast
Thursday Overall: I'm hoping for about 2 hours
Points: 30/20/15/10
Bring: Something quick and dirty
Stage Results & notes: All categories | notes from brian

8/11 FRIDAY - Long
Start: 9PM
Length: 1-2 hours
Friday Overall: 2.5 hours
Points: 50/40/30/20
Bring: Geared road bike
Extras: Bring Hydration!
Stage Results & notes: All categories | notes from brian

8/12 SATURDAY - Rest

8/13 SUNDAY - Time Trial (Flat)/Party/Awards
Length: 20 minutes
Sunday Overall: It's a party again, take off that smelly-ass hat and set a spell!
Points: 60/45/30/15
Bring: Anything Fast
Stage Results & notes: All categories | notes from brian


So here's the deal - this race will be a group effort with each nights "stage" being plotted by a different lunatic. The overall intention is to level the playing field and give everyone a crack at winning. It is definitely feasible for the turtle to win this race with some tactical riding and longevity.


1) The Competitive group, aka the fast group. If you're coming to RACE, this is the group for you. Any age, gender, height, weight, whatever person can be in this group.

2) The Womens group. This is definitely not meant to be any kind of discrimination or anything, just wanted to have a fun group for the ladies to duke it out in. As the description for #1 states, any grrls are welcome to hang with the tuff guys if they like.

3) The Non-competitive group. If you're coming to this race to have fun and hang out with a bunch of damned nutters, but you don't think you can hang with that freakishly fast Whitney, this is your spot.

The rules for the categories:
-> Once you pick a group, you're there for the duration. There will be no crossover as the hassle of tracking is more than I want to deal with.
-> No ringers allowed! In other words, if you are fast (and you know who you are), you will not be allowed in the slow group just so you can kick everyones ass.
-> Men wearing womens clothing will not be allowed to enter the Grrl group. Sorry Kris.

- There will be trophies for top 3 finishers of all 3 groups and prizes for top 3 in Fast and Grrls.


Spectators are very welcome.  The way it will work is that they will need to come to the start line on the night they would like to watch and I will tell them where the finish line is.  Sunday (8/6) and Thursday will be the best days for actual spectating with Tuesday and the last night being the best nights for coming out to party.


You'll notice there is a fairly large points variation based on the day. The reason for this is partially because I want to tempt as many people to come to the harder stages as possible and partially because I like to make things difficult for myself.

With this said - I won't be changing this system for anyone or anything. I know one of the questions will be "If I get first place and, of course, I finish, do I also get the points for finishing?". The answer is "no". You either place or you finish. Also, you will not receive any points if you don't finish. Pretty obvious. If you don't plan ahead for flats, etc., that's not my problem. Come prepared!


It would be appreciated if the fellas refrained from wearing yellow cycling caps and the ladies refrained from wearing pink ones.  These will be the overall leader in each groups "yellow jersey" and deserves to be the only one.  There will be something to represent the Lanterne Rouge as well, but it's doubtful that anyone will accidentally have one of those.


Some questions that have either been asked or that have changed from last year:

Q: Do I have to be there every night?
A: If you race in either the Fast Class or the Grrl Class, and you intend to be the overall winner, you need to be there every night.  You can still race any combination of nights, you just need to understand that you will not win a trophy at the end.  If you're fast, though, you may be able to jack with Gordo's points and I think we're all about that, aren't we?

Q: Can I win anything if I don't race every night?
A: Yes.  If you race Tuesday's checkpoint stage and win, you will get a $30 gift certificate for the Side Bar which, conveniently, is where that night's stage ends.  There may be some other nightly prizes, depending on who comes through for me in that department.

Q: Where does all the money go?
A: It goes into the planning and expenses involved in the race.  I don't know how far in the red I was last year but I can tell you it was a LOT and that most of that was just ice and beer.  This is not me complaining, just an explanation.

Q: Can I win?
A: Hell yeah you can win!  Some commitment to something for 6 days out of 8, some drinking of water, maybe a little doping and you're in there Champ!

Q: Do I need a geared road bike?
A: As I did last year, I REALLY recommend one for the first night.  You will likely do better drag racing as well but that's up to you.  Look at the schedule and take my advice, that's all I can say.

Q: What the hell's up with Bendicts skin suit?
A: I have no idea, my friend.  He's a strange cat but we love him anyway.

Q: Is Tim hiding performance-enhancing drugs in his beard?
A: No.  His beard is the performance-enhancing drug.  Don't try stealing any of it though, you would surely catch a smack if you did.


email if you want on the email list for this race.